Wingnut: Making Fun of Me is Just Like What Hitler Did to the Jews

Wingnut: Making Fun of Me is Just Like What Hitler Did to the Jews June 2, 2018

Christian crackpot (or con artist, take your pick) extraordinaire Paul McGuire, the guy who said last week that Trump is under attack by “advanced beings” with “supernatural multidimensional power,” says that people like me who made fun of him for that are doing exactly what Hitler did to the Jews.

While host Doug Hagmann asserted that we lead a “pitiful existence” for not sharing McGuire’s religious and political worldview, McGuire insisted that the mockery of people like himself and Alex Jones is being done intentionally to create an environment in which it will be justifiable to murder them.

“The reason Hitler was able to do what he did in Nazi Germany,” McGuire stated, “is his propaganda experts, they created a false narrative starting with the Jews. And what they used was the media to demonize the Jews just like the media is demonizing Christians and Catholics and people who are patriots and believe in America. The media is demonizing them—people who believe in Bible prophecy and conservatism—the media is demonizing them as anti-government extremist crazies.”

“It’s a deliberate lie and falsehood,” he continued. “It’s exactly what Adolf Hitler did. It was a process of demonization and ridicule of the Jewish people which was designed to incrementally set up such a feeling of mass hostility against the Jews that the game plan was there would be little resistance when they came to take away the Jews and put them in concentration camps and burned them alive and slaughtered them.”

“Demonization and ridicule and mockery is an essential component in a mind-control brainwashing process that gives you the cultural license to destroy, kill your enemies simply because they may believe in the Constitution and the biblical God,” McGuire warned. “So you are looking for a moral license to kill them and you are looking for an immoral narrative that gives you the fake legality to destroy them and massacre them.”

Oh yes, of course. Can we quote you on that when you and your comrades call gay people demon-possessed? Or when Trump calls immigrants animals? That’s literal dehumanization, but you seem to have no problem with that at all. The difference is that we’re just laughing at you. Why would I want to kill you? You’re endlessly entertaining to those of us whose IQ rises above that of a pot roast. I don’t want you dead, I want you to keep saying idiotic things so I can keep mocking you.

And it isn’t just him. I find the martyr complex of the Christian right to be absolutely hilarious and moronic. They hold almost all of the power in this country and they think they’re a persecuted minority because we’re finally starting to make some headway on equality and separation of church and state. They couldn’t stand real persecution, so they just invent ways in which they’re always just this close to being put into concentration camps.

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