Trump Spent More on Mar-A-Lago than the Mueller Investigation

Trump Spent More on Mar-A-Lago than the Mueller Investigation June 3, 2018

The moment I saw the report that Mueller’s team had spent $17 million so far on the Russia investigation, I knew Trump would be tweeting about that and using it as a reason to want the investigation shut down. The first thing I said on Facebook was that this is only a fraction of what he has spent on trips to Mar-A-Lago. And sure enough, he ran to his Twitter machine:

And the Washington Post does the math for me. Estimates for the cost of travel to Mar-A-Lago and other Trump properties range from $1 million per trip to $3.6 million per trip. The lower estimate, however, includes only the air travel and Secret Service protection. It doesn’t include the cost of airlifting all of the vehicles, like the presidential limousine and motorcade, Marine One and others. That’s incredibly expensive as well.

He’s been to Mar-a-Lago 17 times, so even at the lower estimate, he’s matched the cost of the Mueller investigation. But again, the actual cost is probably at least twice that much. And that’s just for trips to Mar-a-Lago, not to his other properties. He’s been to his golf resorts in New Jersey and Virginia dozens of times in addition to that. Congress has tried to get specific numbers on the cost of these trips, but the White House has stonewalled them at every turn.

And remember, Trump wasn’t going to have time for all these golf outings and vacations. He was going to stay in the White House, nose to the grindstone, unlike that lazy bum Obama. In reality, he’s played more rounds of gold than Obama did in almost his entire first term in office and has spent most weekends away from the White House. But yeah, tell me again how he’s just concerned about spending so much money.

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