Jones: Demon-Possessed Trump Critics Feeding Off ‘Essence’ of Children

Jones: Demon-Possessed Trump Critics Feeding Off ‘Essence’ of Children June 7, 2018

In a bizarre — okay, for a rational person, not from him — interview with a guy named John Abiskaron, Alex Jones and his guest declared that those who reject Trump are possessed by demons and are psychic vampires who feed off the essence of young children. After raping them, of course.

After Jones claimed that the media has been brutally persecuting Christians in an effort to destroy the faith so that “they can then be God,” Abiskaron said that atheists have a demon inside of them that is fueling their “blood lust” against Trump.

“They are naturally going to reject what is from God,” Abiskaron said. “That’s why you see people rejecting Donald Trump.”

Jones said that people love Trump because “he never was a hypocrite” and is being used as “a weapon against the enemy” by God. Later, Abiskaron praised Trump for “arresting the pedophiles like crazy,” insisting that “Donald Trump has been sending raids, capturing and finding children in cages waiting to be tortured and ritually sacrificed.”

“It’s pure evil,” Jones responded. “They’re vampires. They psychically want to feed on the children; if they can’t actually sacrifice them, they want to suck their essence out and ruin their innocence.”

Funny how all these crackpots think Trump has arrested mass numbers of pedophiles, yet there is nothing reported on it. No evidence whatsoever. And I love this explanation. Yes, I oppose Trump because I’m demon-possessed. It doesn’t have anything to do with him being a pathological liar, an ignorant narcissist and an absolute embarrassment to the country who is in way so over his head that he might as well be at the center of a black hole. Oh, and a sexual predator. And a bigot. Nope, it must be the demons.

My eyes just rolled so hard that I bowled a strike.

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