Wingnut: ‘Forget Separation of Church and State’ and Indoctrinate Kids in School for God

Wingnut: ‘Forget Separation of Church and State’ and Indoctrinate Kids in School for God June 8, 2018

Perry Stone, a transparent con artist and TV evangelist (but I repeat myself), told Jim Bakker recently that we should “forget separation of church and state” and hold church services for kids in public schools in order to stop the epidemic of school shootings.

“There’s got to be something breaking into the public schools,” he said, claiming that God spared the life of a congregant of a church run by a friend of his during the recent school shooting in Texas because “she’s a really good Christian girl.”

Really? So none of the other victims of school shootings were good Christians? They were all dirty heathens and sinners, were they? And you feel comfortable slandering their memory in this way? Of course you do. Because you’re a first-class douchebag and a vile human being.

“The sons and daughters being touched by the spirit of God is the remedy for this whole thing,” Stone said. “In the state of West Virginia, the drug problem is so bad, in some of those mountain schools, they are letting young preachers come in and hold services in the auditorium during school time. I know people are going to scream, ‘Oh God, separation of church and state.’ Look, when you’ve got kids dying, forget separation of church and state! When you’ve got overdoses of 15-year-olds, forget separation of church and state! And the great thing is hundreds of kids up in those mountains are coming to know the Lord.”

Okay, please document this. In what schools is this happening? Let me know so I can get the ACLU, AHA, AU or FFRF on it to file a lawsuit to stop it. Isn’t it funny how this is the only country in the world where this happens regularly? If it really had to do with a lack of belief in God, you would think that virtually all of Western Europe, with far lower rates of Christianity and belief in God than we have, would be just overrun by it. In fact, that pretty much disproves the argument entirely. But you know what we have that they don’t? Massive numbers of guns in private hands.

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