Rafael Cruz: Still a Dishonest Idiot

Rafael Cruz: Still a Dishonest Idiot June 9, 2018

Remember Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’ even nuttier father? He was a lot of fun during the 2016 presidential campaign, when he was just a fountain of dishonesty and stupidity. That did not stop after his son dropped out. He’s still doing it, just with less media attention. But here he was recently making two incredibly stupid claims in one sentence:

Asserting that it is imperative for Christians to elect candidates like Jackson who understand the separation of powers and will rein in the courts, Cruz said that the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling was nothing but an effort to “destroy the traditional family.”

“Let me tell you another two words that are not in Article 1, Section 8: The word ‘marriage’ or the word ‘family,’” Cruz said, arguing that the court had no right to decide this issue in the first place. “That decision of the Supreme Court on June 26 of 2015, where they said that God got it wrong and marriage was not just between one man and a woman, it could be between two men and a horse. But basically, that decision was much more than same-sex marriage, it was, at the heart of it, the destruction, or the attempt to destroy, the traditional family.”

Uh, no. That decision did not say that marriage could be between two men and a horse. You’re either a liar or a moron if you believe that (in this case, of course, he’s both). And I love this argument about destroying the family. Did you divorce your wife after that ruling came down, Rafael? Did anyone you know? What exactly is the causal argument here? “Oh my god, they’re letting gay people get married. I can no longer love my wife and kids, I have to get a divorce and ignore them and start having random sex with other men!”

If this didn’t affect — that is, destroy — your family, why is it going to destroy any other family? If anything, the opposite is true. Now that gay men and women no longer feel the pressure to conform to a heterosexual world and can openly be in relationships with one another, they are far less likely to get into a sham marriage to cover up the fact that they’re gay. And believe me, I’ve seen it, that is the kind of thing that really does destroy families.

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