Bauer Suddenly Concerned About Investigations Distracting the President

Bauer Suddenly Concerned About Investigations Distracting the President June 13, 2018

Gary Bauer, who has directed several Christian right groups over the decades, has been born again. He has received a new revelation from the Holy Spirit telling him that a one-year investigation into the president is too much of a distraction and must be ended immediately.

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Conservative activist Gary Bauer is joining others in calling for the Robert Mueller investigation to be brought to a conclusion.

Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, argues that every American should want the investigation to be brought to a conclusion. “They’ve had a year now [with] unlimited resources to investigate things way beyond the original issue of alleged collusion with Russia, of which none has been found,” he notes…

“The country is facing major challenges all over the world from Iran to China to Russia to North Korea,” he points out. “Whether you’re a conservative, a liberal, a Republican, a Democrat, [or] an Independent, you should feel that it’s not good for a president to be hobbled and constantly under examination the way President Trump has been the last year.”

Oh yes, just a purely objective concern for the president’s productivity. He’d say the same thing no matter who was in office, of course, because he’s just that kinda guy. It’s mere coincidence that he is taking that position now when it involves someone he endorsed and supports. Pay no attention to those TV commercials he ran in the late 90s urging the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Pay no attention to his cheering on of Ken Starr, whose investigation lasted far longer than Mueller’s to this point.

What? Stop laughing, dammit! He’s trying to be totally objective here and you’re interrupting him! He is approaching this with a Spock-like logic that has nothing to do with his own political preferences, but will you SOBs let him? Noooooooo. You choose to doubt a man of God! You mock the Lord’s anointed one! You’ll rue the day! Rue it, I tell you!

And of course, a great many Democrats are doing the exact same thing. When it involved Bill Clinton, they made identical arguments to the ones Bauer is making now but, like him, they’ve met Jesus on the road to Washington, DC and been transformed forever…or until the next time they exchange scripts and pretend they’re just so rational and consistent.

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