Senate Passes Huge Increase in Military Spending

Senate Passes Huge Increase in Military Spending June 20, 2018

America already spent almost half of all the money spent on “defense” in the entire world, but that apparently is not enough for Trump, Republicans in the Senate, or even most Democrats in the Senate, who voted for a huge increase in military spending for 2019, a $716 billion budget for the Pentagon.

The U.S. Senate on Monday voted to give the military $716 billion for 2019, approving one of the biggest defense budgets in modern American history despite concerns from some economists and lawmakers about the rapidly rising federal deficit.

The 2019 military budget, approved by an overwhelming 85 to 10 margin, gives America’s armed forces a substantial $82 billion increase from 2017.

More than a 10% increase in military spending, at a time when deficits are exploding. The Post article quotes Republican Sen. Mike Enzi and Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill about the dangers of our rapidly increasing federal debt, then notes that both of them voted for this defense budget. It was 85-10, which means 80% of the Democratic members of the Senate also voted for this bloated defense budget.

The Pentagon says they need this boost to counter spending by China, but China this year will spend $175 billion on defense, less than a quarter of what we spend. Russia is the next largest, at less than half of what China spends. This is all nonsense. For crying out loud, how much is enough? We talk about this being the “land of the brave,” but it’s exactly the opposite. It’s a country full of people who quake in fear and demand ever more “defense” against enemies, mostly imaginary, over whom we have a massive military advantage.

And who exactly does anyone think is going to try to invade here? Could anyone seriously believe that Russia or China — really the only two countries capable of even contemplating the idea — are going to bomb or invade the United States? Not a chance in hell. We have them buried in military power, both in terms of overwhelming force and technological superiority. And they know it. It’s time to stop this madness, reduce the defense budget and use that money to help our own people.

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