Everything Wrong with America on Display at Trump Rally

Everything Wrong with America on Display at Trump Rally June 22, 2018

Hours after signing that weird executive order, Donald Trump held a campaign-style rally in Minnesota. He loves to do those because they feed his massive, unquenchable ego. The media was there interviewing people, primarily about the controversy over family separation at the border and one woman displayed pretty much everything wrong with America in a brief interview:

After Trump signed an executive order to overturn his policy of separating parents and children, supporters at his Wednesday rally in Duluth, Minnesota defended the president.

One woman sobbed over the criticism that Trump has received.

“I see you getting emotional,” an MSNBC reporter told the woman. “Why is that?”

“Because — I just — he just,” the woman said, struggling through her tears. “He just tries so hard and so many people are so down on him.”

Seriously. We’re talking about a situation where children are literally bring ripped out of the arms of their mothers while screaming and crying, being locked up in cages and then, far too often, simply lost once they’re placed somewhere, and the thing that gets her emotional and weepy is not that, it’s that the president she likes is being criticized for those things. And that woman votes. If that’s the part of this that gets you upset, you’re a failure as a human being.

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