A Week’s Worth of Lies and Absurdity from Donald Trump

A Week’s Worth of Lies and Absurdity from Donald Trump June 25, 2018

John Harwood of CNBC has a brief rundown of some of the more ridiculous claims made by Donald Trump this week. Tracking all the lies and absurdities he spouts is more than a full-time job. As Harwood says, his statements show that he lives in “a world detached from reality.” For example:

At 6 a.m., Trump sought to contrast his immigration policies with Germany’s, tweeting crime “is way up” there. German government data show crime at a 25-year-low.

And then there’s the usual dishonest gloating about the exact opposite of reality:

“The whole world is looking up to the U.S.,” he declared, making the country “respected again.” Gallup reports that the worldwide image of U.S. leadership is weaker than at any point under presidents George W. Bush or Barack Obama.

At this point, Trump is a lot like those old Bob Uecker commercials — “I must be in the front row.” He strides around the world thinking everyone loves him when polls in virtually every country in the world show that they despise him and think he’s a danger to us all. And he is. And those were just from Monday. He kept it up on Tuesday:

Justifying his tariffs, Trump said the US suffers a trade deficit with Canada. U.S. government data shows the opposite.

Citing a newspaper report, Trump said Canadians smuggle shoes from the U.S. to avoid import tariffs. Neither Canada nor the U.S. imposes tariffs on shoes made in the other country.

Facts are fake news, obviously. Because anything that conflicts with Trump’s lies is clearly fake news.

Trump claimed credit for adding 3.4-million jobs since Election Day 2016 – which “nobody would have believed” back then. Since 4.1 million jobs were created in the previous 19 months, the claim makes no sense.

Math is a liberal lie! This is straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, citing your “numbers” and “statistics” to discredit a good, God-fearing man like Donald Trump! And you’ll rue the day, you commie pinko. God is going to punish you so hard for your silly “math” used to attack his Anointed One!

And that was just the first two days of the week. He loves setting records and he’s clearly shooting for the world record for most lies told in a single presidential term.

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