So Much for Jordan Peterson Supporting Free Speech

So Much for Jordan Peterson Supporting Free Speech June 25, 2018

Jordan Peterson and the other members of the “intellectual dark web” love to pose as free speech martyrs, but Jordan Peterson is showing his true colors by suing a Canadian university because several professors there expressed a negative view of his work — in a private meeting, not even in public.

University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson is taking legal action against Wilfrid Laurier University after a T.A. was criticized for showing a YouTube clip of him.

Petersen – a psychology professor whose contentious views have been protested across the country – and his lawyer, Howard Levitt of Levitt LLP, are suing the school and three faculty members for defamation worth $1.5 million.

The claims, which haven’t been proven in court, say comments made in a closed meeting were defamatory and intended to discredit Peterson…

Shepherd’s case came to light after she came forward with a recording of a meeting between her and three faculty members, who said playing the Peterson clip created a toxic environment in the classroom.

Unfortunately, Canadian laws are far more restrictive of speech than we have in the United States and their defamation laws are much stronger. And I’m hardly an expert on them. But under Canadian law, he has a much better case than he should have here. He was criticized for his views, in a private meeting. Other academics offered their opinions on his work, they didn’t accuse him of some specific action that he didn’t do. Under American law, this case would get tossed out in about 30 seconds, as it should be.

The irony of Peterson trying to silence his critics with what amounts to a SLAPP suit because he was criticized can’t be overstated. The same people who accuse others of being special snowflakes who need protection are the first ones to run for protection to the courts when someone tells them they’re full of crap. Get over it. And STFU.

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