Whatever Happened to Glenn Beck?

Whatever Happened to Glenn Beck? June 25, 2018

I used to be able to make fun of Glenn Beck on an almost daily basis, but for the past many months he’s been curiously absent, a virtual non-entity in the wingnutosphere. Turns out his whole media empire is apparently on the verge of collapse.

Conservative media firebrand Glenn Beck’s multimedia empire TheBlaze appears to be on its last legs after another round of layoffs and after a prospective high-profile buyer lost interest.

The right-wing cable and digital media company—founded by Beck shortly before he exited Fox News in 2011—fired another round of staffers this week, shrinking a workforce that has already been reduced to less than 50 employees, according to two sources who spoke with The Daily Beast on the condition of anonymity. The two sources also confirmed that more than a dozen employees had been laid off over the past several days…

TheBlaze once generated a reported $90 million in revenue annually, but has been in a slow motion implosion over the past several years. Top-level managerial shakeups, seemingly ceaseless layoffs, and office closures have depleted morale, tanked the site’s web traffic, and caused cable distributors to jump ship.

The most recent round of cuts are significant for the already-hobbled company which has shed employees with regularity for more than two years—largely without communicating to staff the reason or scope of the cuts. At one point, Beck blamed a round of layoffs on his own staff.

Following a major round of layoffs last year, which accounted for one-third of the website’s staff, the remaining skeleton crew grew further discouraged as basic requests went unanswered or took months to accomplish.

He’s also selling his house in Dallas and a deal he tried to make with a right-wing billionaire to buy the whole thing has fallen through. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, really. He’s little more than a rodeo clown, always has been, something loud and obnoxious to stare at as he makes a fool of himself for attention. From his ridiculous performances at a chalkboard, drawing connections between everyone and everything he doesn’t like to his constant “I’m going to become a better man” epiphanies, he could always be relied on to play the role of the buffoon for us — me, at least — to laugh at.

When the whole thing does finally collapse for good, perhaps his tears will even be real this time.

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