Preserving the Right to Choose

Preserving the Right to Choose June 29, 2018

As I’ve already said, the retirement of Justice Kennedy almost certainly means the end of Roe v Wade, which will return the matter to the states, where some will immediately make abortions illegal and some will keep it legal. That means if we want to keep the right to choose as a realistic option for women, we’re essentially going to have to build an underground railroad to get women from one state to another.


Doing that takes money and organization. Some of it has already started in states where it’s still technically legal but de facto unavailable due to a lack of clinics and doctors (mostly resulting from the passage of TRAP laws and harassment of doctors), but it’s going to need to be expanded a lot. We can get depressed or angry about that, or we can do something about it (or we can get depressed or angry about it AND do something about it). So how can you help?

My friend Robin Marty, who literally wrote the book on this subject, has a Patreon page full of links to places you can donate and volunteer to help keep the right to choose a realistic option for women. The list is very comprehensive, ranging from groups that engage in lobbying to groups that literally pay for housing, transportation and the cost of the procedure itself. Please help support those who need it, now more than ever.

She also has an article in the Huffington Post with more suggestions on what needs to be done now that Roe is headed for the scrap yard. Please read it.

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