Trump Lies About U.S. Steel Expansion

Trump Lies About U.S. Steel Expansion June 29, 2018

Hey look, another Trump lie. Shocking, I know, since he lies as easily as he breathes. And like a lot of his lies, it starts with some private phone call he allegedly got that is flatly contradicted by public evidence, this time about a non-existent massive expansion at U.S. Steel.

Three times in the last few weeks, Trump has publicly said that U.S. Steel was, because of his tariff policy, going to be “opening up six major facilities and expanding facilities that have never been expanded.” This would, of course, be huge news if it were true. But it isn’t. The truth is that they are only going to restart two blast furnaces at one facility in Illinois.

One would think this would be easy to clear up. But the White House did not respond to a query. Burritt also did not respond to an email from The Fact Checker asking him to confirm the conversation.

Meghan M. Cox, U.S. Steel’s spokeswoman, simply offered this response: “To answer your question, we post all of our major operational announcements to our website and report them on earnings calls. Our most recent one pertained to our Granite City ‘A’ blast furnace restart.”

Translation: The president is wrong. But apparently U.S. Steel is afraid to say that out loud.

I do have to laugh at how the WAshington Post uses a euphemism while accusing U.S. Steel of being afraid to state the obvious. Trump isn’t wrong; Trump is lying. He’s almost always lying. And it’s about time the media stopped pretending otherwise and bluntly call it what it is. The man is a pathological liar, period, end of discussion. To doubt that is the equivalent of doubting that water is wet.

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