How Kris Kobach Fell On His Face in Voter Fraud Trial

How Kris Kobach Fell On His Face in Voter Fraud Trial July 6, 2018

ProPublica has an in-depth look at the federal court case in Kansas at which vote suppressor Kris Kobach, formerly the chair of Trump’s “voter fraud” commission, had the chance to prove his case for widespread voter fraud once and for all. To say he failed is a massive understatement. He crashed and burned hard and even ended up getting sanctioned by the judge for repeatedly failing to follow the standard rules of evidence.

Kobach’s strongest evidence of non-citizen registration was anemic at best: Over a 20-year period, fewer than 40 non-citizens had attempted to register in one Kansas county that had 130,000 voters. Most of those 40 improper registrations were the result of mistakes or confusion rather than intentional attempts to mislead, and only five of the 40 managed to cast a vote.

Five illegal votes in 20 years. For that, they passed a law that effectively disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters statewide.

As the judge’s opinion noted, Kobach insisted the meager instances of cheating revealed at trial are just “the tip of the iceberg.” As she explained, “This trial was his opportunity to produce credible evidence of that iceberg, but he failed to do so.” Dismissing the testimony by Kobach’s witnesses as unpersuasive, Robinson drew what she called “the more obvious conclusion that there is no iceberg; only an icicle largely created by confusion and administrative error.”…

For his own part, Kobach is now a candidate for governor of Kansas, running neck and neck with the incumbent in polls for the Republican primary on Aug. 7. It’s not clear whether the verdict will affect his chances — or whether it will lead him and others to quietly retreat from claims of voter fraud. But the judge’s opinion and expert interviews reveal that Kobach effectively put the concept of mass voter fraud to the test — and the evidence crumbled.

It won’t hurt him one bit. And hell no, he isn’t going to quietly retreat from his allegations of massive voter fraud. He’s going to double and triple down on them and the right will cheer him on while he does it. We now live in Trumpworld, where such lies are rewarded.

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