When Bad Christian Music Meets Christian Right Propaganda

When Bad Christian Music Meets Christian Right Propaganda July 6, 2018
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I stumbled on this song again the other day, a song by the Christian singer Carman, who apparently thinks he’s George Hamilton’s stunt double, called America Again. It’s a great example of when terrible Christian music meets Christian right propaganda and historical revisionism. Let us count the lies and absurdities in the song. First, watch this. If you can stand it.

“Citing 27 Biblical violations, they wrote the Declaration of Independence.”

Uh, what? The Bible is never mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. And if you can find any analogs between the grievances listed in the Declaration to justify going to war, good luck to you. They do not exist (though, ironically, one that was in the original draft but removed in the editing process — an opposition to the slave trade — clearly contradicts the Bible’s endorsement of slavery).

“But something happened since Jefferson called the Bible the cornerstone for American liberty.”

Actually, nothing happened since then because that never happened. Jefferson never said any such thing. Just one of the many David Barton lies that have been swallowed whole by the Christian right. The first time it appears anywhere is 1952.

“Or since ‘give me liberty or give me death’ Patrick Henry said ‘our country was founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Nope. Snake eyes again. Patrick Henry never said that. In fact, he was anti-federalist who opposed the passage of the Constitution, partly because it did not contain any covenant with God and thus was anti-Christian. This “quote” didn’t appear until 1956.

“James Madison said, ‘We’ve staked our future on our ability to follow the Ten Commandments.'”

Three strikes — you’re out. Just another fake quote. This one first appeared in 1939 and has never been found anywhere in Madison’s writings or speeches. We’re only a minute and a half into the song, and only about a minute into any words being spoken or sung, and we’ve already counted three lies. That’s Trumpian efficiency.

“In his farewell address, George Washington said you can’t have national morality apart from religious principle, and it’s true. Because right now we have nearly 150,000 carrying guns to these war zones we call public schools.”

So we’ve left lies and gone to wildly illogical arguments. He doesn’t even attempt to connect the first sentence to the second one. What is the connection, exactly? The United States is by far the most Christian nation in the developed world, with rates of belief in Christianity far higher than all of Europe, yet we’re the only one that has this problem with violence in schools. The correlation is actually the exact opposite of his claim.

“The only way this nation can even hope to last this decade is to put God in America again.”

Ooh, now we have fake prophecy. This song was released in 1993. We didn’t “put God in America again” in any of the ways he says are necessary, like putting government-imposed prayer in public schools, and yet we did survive that decade. And another one. And we’re still here, 25 years later. Carman is obviously a false prophet and must be stoned to death.

“Abe Lincoln said, ‘The philosophy of the classroom in one generation Will be the philosophy of government of the next.” So when you eliminate the Word of God from the classroom and politics, you eliminate the nation that Word protects.”

Wait, the word of God protects the United States…which didn’t exist when the Bible was written and about which the Bible says absolutely nothing as a result? How exactly does it protect us? Be specific. We’ll wait.

“America is now number one in teen pregnancy and violent crime, number one in illiteracy, drug use, and divorce.”

See above on violence in schools. The far-less-Christian nations of Europe don’t have anywhere near those kinds of problems. If Christianity is the key to stopping them, shouldn’t they have far worse problems than we do? But they don’t. Clearly this argument is false.

After that, it gets all anti-gay, going on about the “spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah” and how this “evil lifestyle” comes from Satan himself. No point in bothering to debunk that bigoted idiocy. And yes, I listened to this whole song several times just so I could give you this post. I expect some big gifts for Christmas this year for that. The only question left at this point is how is this guy not in Trump’s cabinet?

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