Jones: I’m Working with Trump to Expose the Truth About 9/11

Jones: I’m Working with Trump to Expose the Truth About 9/11 July 10, 2018

Oh boy. Alex Jones says he’s been deputized by Donald Trump to start revealing the “dangerous” truth about the “deep state” that is responsible for 9/11 and that Trump is preparing a full expose on the subject because the cover up of the 9/11 conspiracy was — drumroll, please — Robert Mueller! No, seriously. Stop laughing. He’s serious, dammit, stop laughing!

Infowars is reporting that “high-level government sources” have told them that Trump is prepared to “go beyond exposing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 9/11-Saudi cover-up by releasing new information on how the Bushes and Clintons were also involved.” Jones claimed that doing this would be the key to destroying Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s suspected collusion with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign by revealing that Mueller supposedly “quarterbacked the entire cover-up.”

“Trump has them dead to rights. He has all the documents, he has all the admissions, and he’s letting them know, ‘I have the Ace of Spades,’” Jones said.

Jones said that soon Trump will reveal new information about the 9/11 attacks and that Jones has been tasked with revealing the “dangerous things up front.”

He said, “So, deep state, working with radical criminal Islam involved in 9/11, the stand-down, all of it, the CIA building, building seven being blown up—Trump is preparing and wants you to know and wants [Infowars] to know, and I am the individual who is supposed, that is supposed to say the super hard, dangerous things up front. I’m very honored. I’ve asked for that position. It’s a very honorable position, very dangerous position.”

Trump, Jones claimed, “knows everything about this” and said that it must be revealed in order to “strike fear into the deep state.”

I’m sure those “high-level government sources” are the very same “many people” who are always saying things that conveniently support Trump on whatever he’s babbling about at any given moment. What cracks me up about this is that he thinks there’s a conspiracy, a secret society so powerful that it can manipulate whole nations and pull off massive false flag attacks like 9/11, but somehow can’t manage to take him out before he spills the beans on him. It’s not like it’s a mystery where Jones is, he’s easy to find. You can walk right into his studio and offices. If he really had the goods on this all-powerful boogeyman, they could take him out within 24 hours and make it look like a routine accident.

Of course, to a conspiracy nut that just proves the conspiracy all the more. They have evidence of the conspiracy, but if there’s no evidence of it, that’s incontrovertible proof that they’re right. Heads they win, tails you lose. There is no set of facts that can’t be wrapped up into the conspiracy, and no matter how internally inconsistent or absurd it is, there is an endless line of suckers ready to believe it.

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