Meet a Typical Trump Voter

Meet a Typical Trump Voter July 10, 2018

This video shows something that has become so common in the age of Trump that we’ve almost become complacent about it. It’s another racist American jerk berating someone for wearing a t-shirt with a Puerto Rican flag, too stupid to know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States.


But here’s the thing: Even if it wasn’t, he’s still being a racist jerk. Even if it was a Cuban flag or a Nigerian flag, or whatever, it’s none of his damn business. There’s nothing wrong with someone celebrating their heritage. This is the kind of person who voted for Trump, the kind of person who is energized and validated by his bigotry and his demagoguery. The kind of person who cheers when little kids are taken from their parents — as long as their Latino or some other race, of course. He’d be outraged if those kids were white. But they’re Latino, so in his mind they are less than human. I would happily trade a million douchebags like him for one Latino family.

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