Wingnut: Barrett Was God’s Anointed One, Kavanaugh Will Be Destroyed

Wingnut: Barrett Was God’s Anointed One, Kavanaugh Will Be Destroyed July 11, 2018

While most of the Christian right is praising Trump’s selection of Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Kennedy, the fringiest of the fringe is upset and claiming that Amy Coney Barrett was truly God’s anointed choice and that he’s going to destroy Kavanaugh if he doesn’t relinquish the seat. Yes, I’m serious. This all happened on the monthly prayer call for the group Intercessors for America.

He said that while President Trump has a list of 25 potential nominees, God’s list has only one name on it. “That’s the only one that we’ll settle for,” he said, “not second best, not someone who’s merely good.” Jauregui asked God to do whatever it takes—including waking up Trump, Melania, and Mike and Karen Pence in the middle of the night and sending angels their way—to keep them from settling on the wrong nominee.

And yet that didn’t happen. Trump, who is allegedly also God’s anointed choice, picked someone else. And yet the Bible says that any time two or more Christians ask for something to be done, it will be done. And it wasn’t. Is this because God doesn’t exist? Because you’re wrong about God’s choice? Because he doesn’t like you and is messing with you? Take your pick, but it doesn’t like your interceding is doing much good, does it?

“That is the Father’s seat,” Jauregui prayed, referring to the court vacancy. “It’s His court. It’s His place. He’s taking it back. It’s Your seat, Father.”

And he had a warning for Kavanaugh:

And so we say, Absalom, you cannot have it, in the name of Jesus. And you should better leave right now. The longer you stick around, you endanger yourself by opposing God Almighty. And I’m speaking to the spirit, not even the person, the camp, the spirit of Absalom, that would try to usurp, and STEAL the throne from the anointed one. You can’t have it. We bind you, spirit of Absalom, in the name of Jesus, and we tell you, get out now or you will be destroyed. You can leave or be destroyed. Those are your choices, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

My goodness. As if the regular Christian right isn’t bad enough, we’ve got these extremist crackpots.

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