McInnes Gives Mind-Numbingly Idiotic Screed

McInnes Gives Mind-Numbingly Idiotic Screed July 12, 2018

Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys (who have nothing to be proud of), went on a rambling, incoherent, utterly moronic rant on his show in response to Trump nominating Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court. It’s just a stream of consciousness rant against everything he hates, from “beta males” to “fat chicks.”

GAVIN MCINNES (HOST): So we have a culture that’s pro-beta male, pro-fat chic, anti-jock, anti-blonde guy, anti-success, and a lot of sort of obsequious little dirty players, beta male nerds, date-raping nerds, ugly girls, fat people, losers, have had the spotlight. I mean, look at comedians, stand-up comedians, they’ve managed to make it cool to be a loser and a nerd and to not be — to not know anything about sports. They’ve been reigning, and as Steve Bannon said, “Do you think they’re gonna give it back?” Now he’s obviously talking about the swamp and the elites, but I’m talking about the weak. The weak have been cool ever since the early ’90s and [President Donald] Trump showed up and said, “We’re done with that, we’re done with political correctness, we’re done with pretending that life is a rainbow. No, America is the best and we’re gonna be awesome and make money and have a car.” I’m from Canada and if you had a Ferrari on St. Laurent street in Montreal everyone would laugh at you, you’d be considered a total loser to drive down the street in a Ferrari, especially if you were like honking the horn, had music blaring. In Florida, people think that’s awesome. In LA, it can go either way, depending on the area. Midwest, I think a lot of people would still think that’s awesome. Northwest, probably no. So, a lot of America would hate you and your fancy sports car. New York City, you’d be the laughing stock. And Trump is saying, “No, having a Ferrari is awesome. If you have a Ferrari convertible and you’re blaring even Tenacious D, that’s supreme. You rule. And that is what everyone is mad about, that is why they’re so erratic. And these housewives, not housewives, sorry, these teachers, these socialist B.A.W.L.s — boomer, angry, women, liberals — they’ve based their whole ethos on, “I’m awesome and I can kick ass and I’m better than any man,” and these pro-Trump MAGA guys like me are saying, “No you’re not, lady, and you’re a fucking teacher, by the way, and you should probably just — you’d be much happier at home.” That makes them go ballistic. So, basically, MAGA and Trump and his Supreme Court pick is saying, “No, we weren’t doing a bad job, and no, you’re not taking over. No, you’re not replacing us. The patriarchy is not on the way out and nerds, you’re getting wedgied again.” That is what they’re freaked out about.

That there are people out there dumb enough not say “WTF are you talking about” in response to this is depressing.

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