Peterson: Kavanaugh Not a ‘Real Man’ Because He Has Daughters

Peterson: Kavanaugh Not a ‘Real Man’ Because He Has Daughters July 12, 2018

I’m starting to recognize that Jesse Lee Peterson may be the dumbest person in the entire country. Seriously, he would need a promotion to get to be merely a moron, on top of being a traitor to his race — yes, I’m saying it and I mean it — and bitterly misogynistic jerk. Get a load of this idiotic spew about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh:

“During his speech, it was all about his mama,” Peterson complained. “He always love his mama. It was all about the impact that his mother had on his life while he was growing up, how she influenced him, even though he was raised by his father too. He gave this big old long speech about his mother and then, right at the end, he said, ‘Oh yeah, I love my daddy too.’”

“So that concerns me,” Peterson said. “He is a mama’s boy.”

“The other thing is he has no boys, he has only girls,” he continued. “Real men make boys first and I notice that most men are not real men anymore and they are making girls.”

Seriously, how does he manage to dress himself in the morning? How does he manage to just maintain a regular breathing pattern being that freaking stupid?

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