Fox News Tries to Explain Away Indictments of 12 Russian Military Officials

Fox News Tries to Explain Away Indictments of 12 Russian Military Officials July 16, 2018

Fox News, fully understanding that their job is to defend Donald Trump no matter what the evidence says, put in overtime for the last few days trying go find ways to explain away or minimize the indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officials for hacking into American election systems and the DNC servers. Lou Dobbs decided to do it by just putting his ignorance on display:

DOBBS: That makes these indictments by the way Chris, it makes these indictments, it’s hard for me to even form the word.

FARRELL: They’re a joke.

DOBBS: It basically, they’re based on hearsay.

Dobbs either has no idea what hearsay is or he’s just plain lying. Those are really the only two possibilities. You can read the indictments yourself. Show me where the hearsay evidence is in that complaint. It cites not only specific people but specific computers, IP addresses and tools used by the GRU (Russian military intelligence) to hack into systems. There is no hearsay evidence there at all. Dobb is either totally ignorant of what he’s talking about or knows that his audience is that ignorant and won’t catch him lying.

Chief Trump bootlicker Sean Hannity opts for the “hey it could have been anyone” defense and the “it’s all our faults, really” defense:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): The real truth is simple. The Russians try to hack us, we try to hack them. Everything that we’re upset that they’re doing, we’re doing to them. That’s what happens, the fact that the United States has not lived up to preventing the ability of these people to hack us is ridiculous. Everyone’s saying, the other big story well, we now know that the Russians, they got into the DNC. Well we know that six foreign intelligence services hacked into Hillary’s email, we don’t know which one or how it got into the hands of Wikileaks, it could have been any of them, Russia, China, North Korea, the Iranian mullahs, when are we, at what point do you say fool me once shame on you, twice shame on you, fool me a thousand times and let decades go by and you don’t create a defense against at these cyber crimes, well then it’s shame on us. We’ve got to be really stupid at that point.

Except all of our intelligence services agree that it was the Russians who did this. All of them. They have the evidence to back that up. Can you imagine Hannity’s response if it was a Democrat in office claiming that all our intelligence services are lying? They’d be branded as America-hating communists. But it’s totally different, for magical reasons, when a Republican does that same thing. And of course, we can now expect him to slam Trump for not taking action to prevent this interference from happening in this year’s midterms, right? Any minute now, I’m sure it’s coming. Hannity is nothing if not totally consistent with his “logic,” amirite? Jesus, I couldn’t even type those words without literally laughing out loud.

And then there’s Ben Stein, who makes the most bizarre argument of all:

BEN STEIN: This is the same person who is charging, following you, prosecuting you, and you know that this person is wildly biased against you. It’d be very, very scary to think that these people would be prosecuting you. It’s like some movie about an old Southern town where the law enforcement people are members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Uh, no. There is no evidence whatsoever that Mueller has any bias at all against Trump. He didn’t ask for the job as special prosecutor, he was appointed to that position. It is his job to do a thorough investigation and follow the evidence wherever it leads. Up to that point, Mueller was universally considered one of the most diligent, thorough and fair-minded law enforcement officials in the country, regardless of party. That’s why he was kept on as FBI director through both Bush 43 and the first part of the Obama administration. It was only after Trump became the target of an investigation he was named to lead that Republicans — some of them, at least — decided he was a wild-eyed liberal Democrat. But the truth is that he’s a lifelong Republican. And the fact that the person he is now charged with investigating is now a Republican does not make him biased against Republicans. But even if he was so biased, the comparison to the KKK is idiotic and offensive, even for Ben Stein.

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