Klayman: Mueller is a ‘Legal Terrorist’ and ‘Disciple of the Devil’

Klayman: Mueller is a ‘Legal Terrorist’ and ‘Disciple of the Devil’ July 18, 2018

Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, was on Alex Jones’ InfoWars last week and knew exactly what song to sing to get them all dancing. He declared that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a “legal terrorist” and also a “disciple of the devil.” Swing your partner round and round…

“He is on a jihad right now, literally, no less than a legal terrorist,” Klayman said. “And the fact that there was an indictment today of these Russians was to try to destroy and the embarrass and to humiliate [Trump] in his summit with Vladimir Putin. These people are evil to the core, they’re literally disciples of the devil, I might say, analogously, and they need to be taken out legally.”

“I think that you have coined a new phrase here,” Infowars host Owen Shroyer said approvingly. “Robert Mueller is a legal terrorist. He is a legal terrorist.”

He says Mueller should be put in jail for his “crimes” against Trump. He doesn’t name what those crimes are, of course, but since Klayman thinks he can just make up a “citizen grand jury” to indict people he doesn’t like, I’m sure he thinks he can just make up crimes as well. He’d probably charge him with feloniously making the baby Jesus cry.

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