Stone Changes His Story as Often as Trump Does

Stone Changes His Story as Often as Trump Does July 19, 2018

Roger Stone and Donald Trump are truly two peas in a pod. Both are incredibly dishonest and absolutely shameless in the lies they tell, both seek maximum media attention at all times, both will do anything for power and influence, and, in the case of Russian interference, they keep changing their stories. Media Matters documents the many contradictions in Stone’s ever-shifting story on his involvement.

As he has on so many other topics, Stone has lied and contradicted himself regarding numerous matters related to Mueller’s Russia investigation. For instance:

  • Stone claimed that he “never had any contacts with any Russians in any way,” then admitted he had a meeting with a Russian national about the campaign. (He also communicated with the Russian intelligence account Guccifer 2.0.)
  • Stone claimed that he “communicated with” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange,” then said he “never communicated with Assange.”
  • Stone claimed that he “never communicated with WikiLeaks,” but messages show he directly communicated with the organization.
  • Stone claimed this month that he wasn’t in “regular contact” with the Trump campaign in 2016, but he had previously bragged about his 2016 discussions with the campaign.
  • Stone claimed that a subpoenaed associate “has not worked for” him “for three years,” but that associate worked for Stone at least in 2016 and 2017.

We know that this has all caught the attention of Mueller’s investigators. It’s clear that he was a go-between for the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, as well as Guccifer 2.0. Don’t be surprised if Stone ends up being charged with perjury or obstruction before this is all over. He’s up to his eyeballs in it.

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