Need Much More to Launch Secular BBQ Project

Need Much More to Launch Secular BBQ Project July 20, 2018

I confess to being a bit disappointed in the initial response to my attempt to crowdfund for my new BBQ and humanism project. We recently raised more than $4000 for a single person, but here’s a project that could help thousands and thousands of people. I know it’s asking a lot, so I understand that not everyone can contribute, but if you can, please do. It’s something I very badly want to be able to do. And let me answer some of the questions on the original post about it.

One person suggested that instead of buying a high-capacity smoker for the project, we rent or borrow a smoker in each city we go to. That’s a last-resort possibility, but there’s a good reason to want to avoid that if possible. There is a remarkable range of smokers out there and they work very differently. They vary in terms of fuel, with some using propane, some wood, some charcoal, and some a combination of two of them. They vary in how the smoke is circulated. Some have a direct fire underneath, some have an offset firebox, some use a reverse flow setup, while others use a gravity-feed mechanism.

Each of these cooks differently and it can make a huge difference in how the meat cooks, how long it takes, how much smoke flavor is generated, what kind of fuel you need, how easily and consistently you can control the temperature (very important in the end result), and much more. So having a single pit that we are used to operating helps get a much more consistent result. It also affects what kind of weather we can cook in, so it can prevent having to cancel events due to rain or even snow (which is why I favor an insulated cabinet smoker, which is practically impervious to the elements).

Some also question the name Secular Quemanism. I’m not crazy about it and I’m not wedded to it, but it’s the best of the many suggestions I got when I asked for ideas on Facebook. If anyone has a better idea, please leave it in a comment because I’m very open to changing it.

Oh, and someone also asked about whether we would require those we feed to listen to a message about humanism the way many churches require attendance at services or prayers or the like. The answer is emphatically no. The feeding events will be free and will include no such discussion. I will give my Why Atheism is Not Enough talk to the local humanist group that invites me and helps put the event on, but that will be done in private. We will feed those who need it with no strings attached and nothing required of those who are hungry. I am very adamant about that.

If you have the ability to do so, please support this project. I want to be able to spread the message of humanism and show love through BBQ all over the country. I think we can make a big difference in a huge number of lives. As someone who has been fighting chronic illness for the last few years, I’ve done a lot of thinking about this and, to be totally frank, I just don’t know how much time I have left. I want to do as much good as I can with the years I have left. And I need your help to do it. Thank you. If you’re able and willing to contribute, click here.

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