A Trump Tweet for Everything, Episode 80,000

A Trump Tweet for Everything, Episode 80,000 July 24, 2018

Trump went on another of his incoherent, sputtering Twitter tirades Monday morning, including one enraged tweet against Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who had earlier said that peace with Iran was the “mother of all peace” while war with Iran was the “mother of all wars.” All he meant was that Iran would fight to protect their own country if attacked, but our toddler president took that as a threat.

Love the all-caps. This is actually progress for Trump, who usually tweets like an 8 year old, but all-caps is more in the 10-12 range. The only one who sounds demented here is Trump, of course, just as he is the only one threatening any violence against anyone. Does anyone think Iran is actually going to attack the United States and start a war? If so, they’re out of their damn minds. If there is a war with Iran, it will be because Trump decides to bomb or invade that country. We were at peace with them until he started his idiotic macho bluster and pulled out of the nuclear agreement. He owns this one entirely.

Now here comes the irony. He’s now upping the rhetoric just as he finishes the worst week since he took office, with his approval rating going even lower and with him taking huge criticism from both parties because of his bizarre relationship with Putin, and with the Mueller investigation closing in. So do we have a Wag the Dog situation, where he might start a war to distract attention from these very real problems? Let’s ask….Trump himself, who repeatedly predicted that Obama was going to attack Iran in 2012 to get reelected:

It never happened, of course, because Obama was not as craven or self-serving as Trump. But could Trump do what he accused Obama of? Hell yes, he could. And would. And his chief adviser on such matters, John Bolton, has spent years fondling himself at the thought of bombing Iran. Don’t be the least bit shocked if this happens because he no longer listens to any of the generals who would dissuade him (McMaster, Mattis, Kelly).

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