White Supremacists Put Trump-Putin Buddy Act in Context

White Supremacists Put Trump-Putin Buddy Act in Context July 24, 2018

I’ve written before about the love white supremacists have for Russia and Putin. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since the word caucasian comes from the Caucasus mountains, which border that country. Some prominent racists are putting the Trump-Putin friendship in the context of their long-anticipated “race war” and desire for all-white civilizations.

Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram are the hosts of the show Fash the Nation (as in fascist) and they hosted Charles Bausman, founder of Russia Insider, to discuss the controversy over Trump’s apparently undying love for all things Putin and Russian. Bausman pretends not to be a white supremacist himself, but this is the second time he’s appeared on a white supremacist show. The other was Lana Lokteff’s Radio 3Fourteen, when he declared that “Russia is the only major European country whose media is not controlled by Jewish interests.” If it walks like a white supremacist and quacks like a white supremacist, it’s a white supremacist.

So the three of them talked about Trump and Putin. Bausman praised the show hosts, telling them that their show was “very, very helpful to us in 2016 when we were trying to dissect and figure out what was going on with Trump, and why was he talking about Russia so much.” And why do they think the real reason is? Because Trump and Putin have a common cause in preserving the white race. McFeels says during the show that “our American media’s referring to this great uprising as ‘global white supremacy’ and ‘solidaristic white nationalism,’ so by all means let’s proceed as planned, right?” At one point, they have this exchange:

MfFeels: I mean they’re just, they’re trying so hard to do this and you have the MSNBC contributor who referred to Trump’s comments as being tantamount to Kristallnacht. They called it Pearl Harbor. I mean the rhetoric, the level of rhetoric that they have stepped up to describe this historic event is just insane. And the question I’ve been asking myself all week is, “Where does it go from here?” I mean you have people calling for coups as Halberstram said at the beginning. And over what? A friendship with the other largest white country on the planet? I can see why they might have a problem with that, right?

Halberstram: Yeah.

Bausman: Yeah.

Halberstram: Yeah, that’s exactly the problem. And you — I think I maybe saw this on your [Jazzhands’] Twitter timeline, but some people are starting to comprehend what potentially this is really about: the nature of Russia, nationalism, the affinity that perhaps Trump and certainly people like us have for Eastern Europe. They’re starting to figure out that this is really a natural alliance in the face of their machine.

So for them, it’s all about white identity politics (irony!) and they see Trump and Putin as working together on behalf of the white race against all others. This is consistent with the near-universal support for Trump among white supremacists and neo-Nazis here in the United States. It’s also part of a larger global movement toward far-right racist and nationalist politics. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Steve Bannon just formed a new organization to elevate such movements throughout Europe, where we have already seen far too much success by the far-right nativist bigots. We can’t allow that to happen here, but in order to stop it we must understand it.

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