Tomi Lahren Dehumanizes Immigrant Children and Families

Tomi Lahren Dehumanizes Immigrant Children and Families July 28, 2018

The absolutely vile Ann Coulter wannabe Tomi Lahren shared a picture on her twitter feed that literally dehumanized those immigrant children and their families that they’ve been yanked from by the Trump administration. The image was from a protest rally where someone was holding a sign that said “I am a child.” She did a little editing of the sign. She deleted the tweet later, but on the internet, everything lasts forever.

Here’s the tweet:

See, they aren’t children, they’re just “illegals” and thus are expendable, irrelevant, unimportant. We can treat them any way they want, right? And here’s the best part. This is what she chooses to tag herself with on her Twitter account:

Faith, family, freedom! Unless those families are Latino, then they’re just “illegals” who don’t matter and we can break them up and impose whatever trauma we want on them. And never mind that her faith is allegedly in the Bible, which commands them to treat foreigners as they would their own family over and over and over again, in book after book and chapter after chapter. Screw Godwin, this is precisely Hitleresque — dehumanize a group of people as invaders, as pestilence, as less than human and deserving of no empathy or kindness whatsoever, and warp religion into supporting that behavior.

Tomi Lahren is a revolting, immoral, horrible person. She would have made a very good Aryan pinup girl, but she’s a lousy excuse for an American. Faith and family, my ass.

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