Facebook Suspends Alex Jones’ Accounts

Facebook Suspends Alex Jones’ Accounts July 29, 2018

First Youtube, now Facebook has suspended accounts used by conspiracy nut Alex Jones and his InfoWars network for 30 days and says that they are close to banning him forever from the network. This is, of course, a plot to deny his Truth because he’s such a threat to Them. And you know who They are. Actually, you probably don’t. Neither does anyone else, including Jones.

Facebook is close to removing the pages of Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist and founder of the far-right media platform Infowars.

Facebook issued a 30-day suspension to Jones’ profile on Thursday night after removing four videos on pages he runs on the social network. The content of the videos was not immediately clear, but the company said all four violated its community standards.

A Facebook spokesperson also said that pages run by Jones are nearing the limit on violations of the company’s community standards, which are rules for what is and is not allowed to be posted to Facebook.

Clearly the reptilian globalist Illuminati, in league with the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rothschilds, George Soros and the Boys and Girls Club of Memphis, are out to silence Jones to keep him from telling the truth about the fluoride vaccine chemtrails that they’re injecting into frogs to make them gay. It’s all a false flag operation, obviously. It’s an old XK Red 27 technique.

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