Weekly Reminder: Secular Quemanism, Culture Wars Radio

Weekly Reminder: Secular Quemanism, Culture Wars Radio July 30, 2018

This is your weekly reminder that we still need more funding to launch the Secular Quemanism project, which will unite my passions for barbecue and service to others by feeding the homeless and other impoverished people, raise awareness of the problem and create opportunities for local humanist and atheist groups to get more involved in helping serve others in their communities around the country. You can donate to that project here.

Let me also remind you about Culture Wars Radio, a relaunch of my old radio show that is now on its 8th episode. That episode, which focuses primarily on Trump’s war on truth and reality and why it’s so dangerous, will be available to the public tomorrow morning, but is already available to patrons of the show. You can become a patron for just $2 per episode on Patreon. We also do supplemental podcasts that are only for patrons, the latest of which explains the concept of standards of review used by the Supreme Court when evaluating whether a given law, policy or practice is constitutional or not. So if you want access to all of that content, please support the show financially by becoming a patron.

And if you just feel like supporting all the work I do, you can also just go to Paypal and do it that way. I hope that you all find my commentary on the issues of the day valuable and entertaining, even when I screw up and get things completely wrong. No really, it happens sometimes, much as I hate to admit it.

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