Guess What the Worst Thing Ever Is?

Guess What the Worst Thing Ever Is? July 31, 2018

Fox and Friends this weekend did a segment about the ongoing controversy over protests during the national anthem before NFL games and Kieran Lalor, a New York State Assemblyman, was kind enough to inform us of the single worst thing that can happen to a person: They can be called a racist. *cue the scary music*

But he starts with some run-of-the-mill stupidity:

And, in fact, this all started with Colin Kaepernick — and it’s kind of based on a falsehood. He said there’s dead bodies in the streets, there’s people being murdered, and other people who murdered them on paid leave. Saying cops are just indiscriminately murdering black men in the streets. That’s not happening, there are studies all over the place, the Manhattan Institute has a study that says that doesn’t happen. Harvard has a study that says that doesn’t happen. “Hands up, don’t shoot” — which kind of started this whole movement, that didn’t happen.There have been bad people, there have been bad cops. We’re a a nation of 300 million people, and there are some bad people, there are some racist people, but on balance we are not a racist country, we’re not an unjust country. Colin Kaepernick who also started this thing, and a lot of the blame has to be on his feet, he also said this is an unjust country for people of color. Well you know what the number one issue in this country is? It’s immigration. And largely that’s people of color who want to come into this country because it is such a great country. So I don’t buy the foundation of this whole protest. Are there problems, can we discuss them? Absolutely, but the way they’ve gone about it, and their lack of really a conversation, a back-and-forth, let’s find some common ground, let’s find some solutions — totally absent.

Gee, why is it totally absent? Because flag-humpers like you immediately tried to turn it into a battle over patriotism and accuse them of being anti-American. In reality, what the protesters are doing is far more patriotic and far more quintessentially American than those scoundrels and tyrants for whom, in deference to Samuel Johnson, fake patriotism — that is, hyper-emotional nationalism — is the first refuge, not the last. We could have had a discussion about the actual point of the protests, but you all immediately derailed it for political gain.

And let’s remember how this all started. It started with Colin Kaepernick going to a former NFL player who had been a green beret and asking him how to do the protest in a respectful manner and still call attention to the problem that needs to be addressed, which is systemic racism in law enforcement. That former green beret told him that just silently kneeling during the anthem was the best way to do it and so he did, then others joined in. But that former soldier was frightfully naive, I think. There is no possible form of protest that would be acceptable to those who think the world is just fine the way it is. They will always call those who protest un-American and un-patriotic. Always.

Now here it comes:

One of the problems is, why it’s hard to have a conversation, there is nothing worse than being called a racist. There is nothing worse for your career, there’s nothing worse for you as a person.

Really? Nothing worse can happen to a person than to be accused of racism? How about being the victim of it? Let’s ask the families of innocent black men who have been gunned down by police if that’s the worst thing that can happen to someone. Let’s get John Edwards to dial up the ghost of Emmit Till and see if he thinks that’s the worst thing that can happen to someone. Or ask Rep. John Lewis, who had his skull fractured by racist Alabama state troopers. And then after you ask those people, I suggest you just STFU. Forever. About everything.

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