Culture Wars Radio, Episode 9

Culture Wars Radio, Episode 9 August 6, 2018

Episode 9 of Culture Wars Radio is now available for our Patreon subscribers. It’s late because we had to re-record the whole thing due to some serious technical problems. We ended up changing the way we record the show and ended up with the best audio we’ve had yet, so we’ll keep doing it this way and tinker with it to make it even better.

In this episode we talk about the clear case for obstruction of justice against Donald Trump, a case he makes stronger with every tweet he makes about the investigation. We also talk about a very important anti-gerrymandering ruling and ballot referendum here in Michigan and about the batshit crazy Q Anon conspiracy theory. You can download it or listen to it here if you’re a Patreon subscriber, which you can become for as little as $2 per episode.

I’ve also uploaded one of our supplemental podcasts. We’re going to start using those supplemental episodes, which are available only to our Patreon subscribers and never to the public, to explain some important constitutional concepts that will help our listeners understand how the court approaches various types of cases. In this first one, we focus on the standards of review that the court applies in different types of cases (rational basis, intermediate scrutiny and strict scrutiny). This is a very important concept in constitutional law and it’s rarely discussed in popular media accounts about court rulings. We hope this really helps our listeners understand how the Supreme Court does its work. If you’re a Patreon subscriber, you can listen to it here.

And also, your weekly reminder that you can still support the Secular Quemanism project, which will begin next spring. Before then, though, we need enough money to purchase the equipment we’ll need, so please consider donating if you have the means. You can do that here.

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