California Wildfires Now Largest Ever

California Wildfires Now Largest Ever August 7, 2018

The astonishingly destructive wildfires ravaging California are now the largest on record in that state, particularly two fires that combined together in the Mendocino area of Northern California. And this only a week after a self-declared “prophetess” commanded those fires to stop in the name of Jesus.

Two small blazes burning through Northern California have grown at breathtaking speed to form a massive inferno, quickly becoming the state’s largest active wildfire and setting a new mark for destruction.

The twin wildfires, collectively known as the Mendocino Complex Fire, have together more than doubled in size in the past four days and burned through 283,800 acres, or 443 square miles, of parched land — an area almost the size of Los Angeles. By Monday, it had become the largest California wildfire on record, surpassing the blaze that killed 15 people in 2003 in San Diego County.

Uh, Kat Kerr…could I have a word with you? So when you said a week ago that you were taking “power over all the power of the demonic that is controlling and ruling in that situation, and we command—as commanders, like Christ commanded the host—we take authority over the situation and we command the host of heaven to go now to California right now [and] begin to put those fires out,” is this what you meant? Are you sure you didn’t text the wrong cell number and butt dial Satan instead? You’d think one would be more careful about that kind of thing given the awesome power being invoked.

Or does Jesus really hate California? Or maybe Jesus is a pyromaniac? Or maybe he just doesn’t like you and wanted to see you humiliated publicly? So many possibilities, so few answers. But here’s one thing I can say with near-certainty: You won’t lose a single follower over it. Your gullible audience will continue to believe that you’re a “prophetess” no matter what the evidence says. That’s how these things generally work.

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