Racist Detention Officers Fired in Georgia

Racist Detention Officers Fired in Georgia August 8, 2018

Two detention officers from a county jail in Georgia have been fired after racist and pro-Hitler statements they made were revealed to the county sheriff by an anti-fascist group in Atlanta. Let’s hope they stay fired and don’t just move on to another law enforcement job. And of course, they’re not racist at all. Just ask them.

Online comments expressing sympathy for Hitler and American neo-Nazis ended the law enforcement careers of two Spalding County jailers Monday…

“Both of these gentlemen are no longer employed by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office based on some information that came to light today,” Dix said. “It doesn’t fit what we want to represent to the community and what we want to represent as an agency.”…

“I’ll say this I am extremely right winged and I view racism as normal,” he said in comments posted last year to one of his YouTube videos. “Just read the definition of racism and it’s not a bad thing. That’s my own belief though. I went from being a libertarian Conservative to more Authoritarian.”

Costner also allegedly posted photos of his room showing a German Nazi flag and his profile photo on Steam, one online gaming platform, is a modified “black sun” flag favored by neo-Nazis…

In an interview Monday after, Costner said he was not a neo-Nazi and did not hold racist or fascist beliefs. He said his comments about racism were misunderstood.

“By racism, I don’t mean the traditional sense. I do not hate or have any prejudices against any other races. I personally think there are differences between different races, genetically, but I hold no prejudiced views against any race and I do not believe that my race is superior,” he said. “I think every man is created equal in the eyes of God.”

Yeah, he didn’t mean racism when he said racism. He meant fluffy bunnies and cute puppies. And he has all those Nazi flags because the fluffy bunnies like them. Geez, you guys just jump to conclusions and destroy someone’s life at the drop of a hat! What a bunch of snowflakes!

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