Joyner Tells the Tale of a Divine Star Trek Transporter

Joyner Tells the Tale of a Divine Star Trek Transporter August 10, 2018

Christian con man Rick Joyner loves to tell amazing stories of miraculous things that have happened to him through the power of God, but this may be the best one yet. In a video on Facebook, he tells the story of how the Holy Spirit miraculously transported him from one place to another for two hours when he got the “anointing of Phillip.” And his car went with him too.

While discussing a recent trip to Canada that had been difficult for him due to a recent knee surgery, Joyner asked viewers to pray that he would “get Philip’s anointing,” which was a reference to a passage in the Book of Acts in which Philip the Apostle was miraculously carried away by the Spirit of the Lord and deposited in another city.

“I have done that one time,” Joyner said. “That has happened to me one time … I really got physically translated with my car and was zapped right to a place.”

“It was physically impossible for that to have happened otherwise,” he insisted. “I went somewhere that would have taken two hours by travel; I was there instantly. I didn’t even tell anybody about that for years because I thought no one would believe me.”

Joyner went on to declare that God had showed him that “in the days to come, we were going to be translated by faith. We would pray and say, ‘Lord, I need to be there right now’ and, boom, we would be there. I think some are doing that now.”

Evidence? Of course not. Who needs evidence? His audience not only doesn’t need or want evidence, it is practically allergic to it. Evidence is “fake news.” It’s a trick, a hoax, a trap that Christians fall into when they should just believe by faith. And when you believe on faith, the argument is over. It has to be. What possible counter is there to such a basis for belief? Faith defends every position equally well, including positions that are diametrically opposite one another.

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