When Conspiracy Nuts Clash

When Conspiracy Nuts Clash August 13, 2018

It’s always amusing when conspiracy nuts settle on different conspiracies and start attack one another’s ridiculous “theories” about the world. Rick Wiles, who is as unhinged a conspiracy nut as there is in the world, is not falling for the Q Anon nonsense. In fact, he says it’s all part of the real conspiracy.

“A lot of you people are into QAnon,” Wiles said. “My advice to you [is] get away from it, it’s a big lie.”

Wiles said that in his 20 years of broadcasting, he has seen “various versions of QAnon come and go” in which some supposed “good guy” government insider is trying to get the truth out through back channels.

“There has always been these QAnon characters that have popped up,” he said. “‘Oh, I’ve got a friend in Homeland Security who is giving me the inside information about Barack Obama.’ I’ve heard all of this stuff. I don’t believe any of it.”

Wiles said that the person behind the QAnon account is either “a nutcase person” who is just making stuff up for fun or else it is “somebody inside the deep state who is misleading the public, who is misleading the people who know that the deep state is corrupt, want to see it exposed, want to see it brought down. And what are they doing? Misleading you into believing that there is some secret group of investigators and prosecutors who are rounding up these corrupt people and going to bring them to justice, because as long as you believe that stuff, you’re not going to do anything to actually bring about their arrest and imprisonment.”

“And you’re falling for it,” Wiles lamented. “You’re falling for it.”

Yeah, how dumb are you to fall for that nonsense? You should instead be falling for his claims of the impending murder or rounding up of Christians, which he makes every few days, it seems. Or with his cockamamie claim that Rachel Maddow recently sent a secret signal to progressives to storm the White House and behead the Trump family (whose heads all seem to be still attached to their heads, though not to reality). Or that the government is creating soulless super soldiers and flesh-eating robots. Or that Justice Scalia was murdered. I could go on all day, of course. Given how utterly irrational the man is, I find it fascinating that he thinks he has logical grounds for rejecting this one conspiracy among the endless list of them he pushes every day.

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