Trump Unwittingly Reveals Major Character Flaw

Trump Unwittingly Reveals Major Character Flaw August 14, 2018

Now that Omarosa’s book is out, Trump is attacking her on Twitter. He’s right to say that she’s a lying con artist, but of course that’s mostly psychological projection on his part because he’s even worse. But I take nothing she says seriously. in his attack, however, he revealed something important about his personality:

Note that last sentence. He was told she was toxic but said to work it out because she had said nothing but nice things about him. That is Trump in a nutshell and it’s why he is so easily manipulated. Say nice things about him and he wants you around and will give you almost anything you want because he cannot survive without constant praise. Say bad things about him and you are the worst person ever to walk the face of the earth. Note that he says nothing at all about her qualifications, which were non-existent. He doesn’t care whether she was good at her job, whether she worked well with others that she needed to work well with, or anything else. The only thing that mattered to him is that she said nice things about him.

When Trump says he hires only the best people, that is what he means — if you praise him, you’re obviously a great person. Until you stop, and then you’re a horrible person. That’s why he keeps naming people he knows to positions they aren’t qualified for. The people around him genuflect toward him and treat him as a god and that is the one thing he craves to the point of distraction.

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