Katrina Pierson Caught Lying About Trump ‘N-word’ tape

Katrina Pierson Caught Lying About Trump ‘N-word’ tape August 15, 2018

Omarosa has zero credibility, to say the least, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t tell the truth when telling the truth serves her interests (she’ll also happily lie when it suits her interests). And in this case, she did keep the receipts, in the form of a recording of Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson admitting that Trump uses the N-word about black people.

In a tape released by Omarosa Manigault-Newman on Tuesday, Pierson can be heard discussing whether Trump used the racial epithet during tapings of The Apprentice.

“I am trying to find at least what context it was used in to help us maybe try to figure out a way to spin it,” Pierson says on the tape. “He said it. No, he said it. He is embarrassed by it.”

The only part of that statement that isn’t the least bit believable is the claim that Trump is embarrassed by it. To be embarrassed, you have to be capable of shame and Trump simply isn’t. Faced with her own admission on tape, Pierson has a rather ludicrous explanation for it:

“In her secret tape recording of me, it was one of the many times that I would placate Omarosa to move the discussion along because I was very weary over her obsessions over this alleged tape,” Pierson continued. “That discussion was nothing other than sifting through unconfirmed rumors regarding the Apprentice tape and the transcript supports my statement.”

But wait, look at her statement above. What does it say? That he said it and she was looking for a way to spin it. But now she wants people to believe that she’s totally not spinning it right now, she’s telling the truth. Sorry, if there’s anyone here with less credibility than Trump and Omarosa, it’s Katrina Pierson, who in any other administration wouldn’t have been allowed within 50 miles of a White House job. But a black, female pathological liar willing to sell out both her gender and her race to support a racist and a misogynist? She’s worth her weight in gold, for crying out loud.

Trump’s response is no more credible:

But Trump previously said that that word just isn’t in his vocabulary. So why would Burnett have to call him to tell him there’s no tape of him saying it? If he hadn’t said it, he would not need it confirmed that there isn’t a tape of it because there couldn’t possibly be a tape of it. The only way this makes any sense is if he did say it. And if Trump ever considered the logical meaning of anything he says, he would know that. But he doesn’t. He says anything he feels like he needs to say at each and every moment to get out of whatever trouble he finds himself in, with no strategic thought at all. It’s why he’s so easily and so frequently caught lying.

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