Giuliani Helps Trump’s War on Reality

Giuliani Helps Trump’s War on Reality August 16, 2018

Rudy Giuliani did an interview on CNN with Chris Cuomo in which he tried to laugh off all of Trump’s lies by claiming that the facts are entirely subjective. He denied the very idea of objective reality, as Trump himself does so consistently. Liars always resort to epistemic relativism when cornered.

Cuomo: If fact-counting is anything, we’ve never had anybody with the level of mendacity that he [Trump] has.
Giuliani: It’s in the eye of the beholder.
Cuomo: No, facts are not in the eye of the beholder.
Giuliani: Nowadays they are

Remember when conservatives used to accuse liberals, and especially atheists, of being relativists? It’s quite obvious that Trump is both a moral and epistemic relativist. He has to be in order to excuse his constant lying and pretend that he’s just offering a different perception rather than distorting reality. “You can twist perception; reality won’t budge.” That’s a line from a Rush song and it’s entirely accurate. Facts are not subjective, though our understanding of them may be.

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