Shoebat: People Who Think You Should Be a Good Person are Nazis

Shoebat: People Who Think You Should Be a Good Person are Nazis August 16, 2018

I haven’t written about Catholic fascist and murderous theocrat Theodore Shoebat in a while. He has a new video out in which he claims that people who tell you that should just strive to be a good person are Nazis. Literally, Nazis. Because we all know what good people the Nazis were, amirite? His introduction to the video:

Here is a video I did on some of my experiences with people who brag about how they want you to “just be a good person.” What I find is that they tend to be nazi types who are for Sodom and eugenics.

You know who I think is a “Nazi type”? Shoebat, who has called for the outright slaughter of all gay people, along with anyone who doesn’t convert to his own bizarre version of Catholicism. It’s rare to find a Catholic theocrat these days, they tend instead to be Calvinists. But Shoebat and his father Walid certainly fit the bill. And how is it that Youtube banned Alex Jones but not Shoebat, who routinely calls for genocide against virtually everyone who disagrees with him? If that isn’t a violation of the terms of service, what on earth possibly could be?

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