Tucker Carlson’s Staggering Lack of Self-Awareness

Tucker Carlson’s Staggering Lack of Self-Awareness August 16, 2018

Tucker Carlson has the same studied, almost certainly intentional, lack of self-awareness displayed by his hero Donald Trump. He claimed on his show last night that every network other than Fox News is part of the “state media” for criticizing Trump’s decision to strip John Brennan of his security clearance.

“Journalists ought to be skeptical of the powerful,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” referring to Brennan. “But they’re not. Instead, they have become Brennan’s faithful hand-maidens.”…

“[They argue] that he and his colleagues in the intelligence world are not bound by the same rules that you and I are,” Carlson continued. “The intelligence establishment does what it wants, they tell us. Your job is to obey. They are in charge; you are a serf. They spy on you without limit. You accept a life with no privacy.”

Carlson added that every other network was promoting a message that “insolence is disloyalty” and that “dissent is treason.”

“That is state media,” he charged. “The definition of it.”

Wow. WOW. A guy who spends an hour on TV every night defending Donald Trump, no matter how dishonest or ridiculous his arguments have to get, is accusing those who criticize Trump of being part of the “state media.” Talk about scoring an own goal. How many former Fox News employees are now part of the Trump administration? A whole bunch of them. Trump talks virtually every day to Sean Hannity, he doesn’t give interviews to almost any other network precisely because Fox hosts only ask softball questions, and he watches their shows every day, to the point where he is constantly adopting their claims on his Twitter feed. But other networks are “state media”? George Orwell to the annoying, twerpy white courtesy phone.

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