The Almost Touching Self-delusion of David Horowitz

The Almost Touching Self-delusion of David Horowitz August 17, 2018

I’m not sure who to root for in a battle between Jonah Goldberg and David Horowitz, both of whom I loathe. But Goldberg at least has enough sense to recognize Trump for what he is, while Horowitz is clearly living in the alternate reality of Trumpworld, where up is down, war is peace and Trump is endlessly loyal. On Twitter, Goldberg asked this question:

And Horowitz offered this utterly laughable response:

I wonder how Horowitz enjoyed his breakfast of unicorn eggs this morning? Loyal to a fault? He demands loyalty; he shows absolutely none. Cross him one time and he’ll attack you savagely. And you might want to ask all three of his wives, all of whom he cheated on constantly, about his alleged loyalty. There’s no evidence whatsoever that he loves his country (unless he means Russia). And works around the clock? For crying out loud, he can’t pay attention for 5 minutes and they can barely tear him away from fondling himself to Fox and Friends long enough to stuff a Big Mac down his gullet. And he did appoint a treacherous person to head the CIA, war criminal Gina Haspel. This ability to delude oneself could be considered little more than a touching naivete, but Horowitz is not the least bit naive. He knows he’s full of crap, he just doesn’t care. Much like his hero.

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