Klingenschmitt: Trump Critics are Possessed, Need Exorcisms

Klingenschmitt: Trump Critics are Possessed, Need Exorcisms August 18, 2018

I haven’t written about our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt and, as usual, he’s calling everyone he disagrees with demon-possessed. This time it’s critics of Donald Trump whose souls belong to Satan. But never fear, he’ll be there to conduct the exorcisms necessary to free them from spiritual bondage.

“I’m sure those who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome look at the president and say, ‘He must be demonized because he makes me feel so anxious inside,’” Klingenschmitt explained. “But, again, these are people who are deranged, so are they properly discerning the evil spirit inside of President Trump? No. Because of their derangement, because of the demons inside them, they project their anxiety on to someone else who might be causing their anxiety. But it’s not inside the president—if anything, he might be influenced by the spirit of God sometimes—the demon is inside of those who welcome this fear and this anxiety.”

“So if God didn’t give you a spirit of fear and anxiety and derangement, but you’re feeling this spirit of fear and anxiety and derangement inside of you, is that coming from God?” he asked. “No, it’s coming from the devil and the demonic spirit of fear inside of these people who have Trump Derangement Syndrome may require an exorcism.”

I need to learn how to spin my head around 360 degrees and vomit pea soup. Then I can ask him to do an exorcism and really freak him out. But I’m not inserting a cross anywhere on my body.

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