Geraldo Rivera’s Incredible Chutzpah

Geraldo Rivera’s Incredible Chutzpah August 20, 2018

Geraldo Rivera is defending Trump’s decision to remove former CIA Director John Brennan of his security clearance, on the ground that he goes on TV and says things that are “wild and so harshly critical.” Are they untrue, Geraldo? Does the truth not matter? Nowhere is there a restriction on security clearances that says you can’t criticize the president.

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GERALDO RIVERA (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE): John Brennan was a great head of CIA, a great national security asset. He was a fierce defender of American security, but he hates Donald Trump. Now he’s become, one of the most virulent pundits you could ever possibly be, saying some of the most outrageous things about the president.

RIVERA: Stripping him of a security clearance — he’s going on MSNBC, he’s going on CNN, and he’s saying some things about the president that are really wild and so harshly critical, and construing everything the president did in the most evil way possible. John Brennan has forfeited the right to appear before the American people as the objective, solid, low-key professional spy that worked for America and did everything — he has become just another run-of-the-mill Trump hater to me.

One would think that Geraldo Rivera — of all people — would keep his mouth shut about security clearances. Why? Does anyone remember when he was thrown out of Iraq in 2003 for giving away troop movements on live television? Pepperidge Farm remembers. So does the New York Times:

Geraldo Rivera, the Fox News Channel correspondent who broadcast a report from Iraq on Sunday night that gave details of the position and plans of United States troops, is expected to be pulled from the country on Tuesday, military officials said yesterday.

The expected decision by Fox, a unit of the News Corporation, to remove Mr. Rivera from the battlefield, after intense pressure by the military to do so, followed a day of conflicting statements.

Yesterday morning, an official at Central Command headquarters in Camp Saliya, Qatar, said Mr. Rivera’s reporting had compromised ”operational security” and that he had been escorted back to Kuwait.

His excuse at the time? Some “rats at my former network, NBC, are spreading some lies about me.” So when he reveals classified information, breaking the cardinal rule of wartime reporting, it’s totally not his fault, someone ratted him out! But Brennan has never even been accused of mishandling or disseminating classified information, but he was critical of Trump so he clearly can’t be trusted. They aren’t even trying anymore.

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