Mother Teresa Shelter Kicks Woman Out for Being Gay

Mother Teresa Shelter Kicks Woman Out for Being Gay August 22, 2018

My friend Hemley Gonzalez. who has devoted his life to building a secular alternative to Mother Teresa’s charities in India, writes about one of her shelters in Amsterdam, which kicked out a Ugandan woman who fled her home country out of fear for her life because she is a lesbian. So they doubled down on the bigotry and hatred.

Attribution: Benson Kua

A Ugandan asylum seeker in Amsterdam was not allowed to return to a shelter hosted by the Missionaries of Charity after its nuns discovered she had been to a Pride parade, reports NL Times…

Justine (whose last name has not been identified) fled Uganda to the Netherlands last year because of persecution she faced for being a lesbian. She moved into a 24-hour shelter hosted by Missionaries of Charity for safety on Friday while her lawyer worked on her asylum application. That same day volunteered for RozeLinks (an LGBTQ advocacy branch of the Dutch green party) to help set up their Canal Pride boat for Amsterdam pride.

“When she returned to the shelter on Friday and told the nuns where she had been, she was told that she was not allowed to sleep in the shelter,” Rozelinks board member Savana Koolen who spoke with Justine and one of the nuns told the local newspaper Het Parool.

“She was told that her presence would be dangerous to the other women and children who slept there. Unless she denies being a lesbian from now on, she had to leave,” the nuns told Justine, according to Het Parool.

This isn’t charity, it’s bigotry. And it highlights the importance of building secular alternatives that do not engage in discrimination. She is a human being, period. The fact that she’s gay should be totally irrelevant to the situation. If you believe in providing shelter and safety to those who need it, then set your religious hatreds aside and help everyone. Or just shut down.

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