QAnon Crackpot Visits Trump in Oval Office

QAnon Crackpot Visits Trump in Oval Office August 26, 2018

Trump is playing to the most ridiculous and rabid part of his base, the people who believe all this QAnan conspiracy nonsense. He actually met with one of them in the Oval Office, though the circumstances are not at all clear. That crackpot, whose real name is Michael LeBron but who goes by the nickname Lionel, was all over social media talking about it.

President Trump posed for a photo in the Oval Office this week with one of the most prominent promoters of the “QAnon” conspiracy group, who later posted a video commemorating the visit.

Michael Lebron, a New York-based attorney and radio host who goes by the name “Lionel,” shared the photo on Friday morning, with an accompanying video that showed him poring through a White House “swag bag.”

Lebron has grown his online following by sharing speculation about QAnon conspiracy theory. In the social media post Friday, he assured his fans that the president “knows about” the theory.

Of course he knows about it. And of course he’s happy to encourage it, as he is happy to encourage people to believe in all manner of idiocy, especially when it makes him look like a hero. And he doesn’t have to worry about disappointing those people because they’re unhinged enough to believe he’s been rounding up thousands of pedophiles but keeping it a secret. Evidence could not possibly matter any less to such people.

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