Ward Accuses McCain of Dying to Hurt Her Campaign

Ward Accuses McCain of Dying to Hurt Her Campaign August 27, 2018

Kelli Ward, the conspiracy-loving wingnut now running for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat from Arizona, actually wondered aloud if the McCain family had announced he was foregoing further treatment — less than 2 days before he died — for his brain cancer to hurt her campaign.

“I wonder if John McCain’s trying to steal attention from Ward’s bus tour by announcing his life is coming to an end,” the staffer wrote.

Ward, a Trump-loving extremist who primaried McCain in 2016, had a contentious relationship with McCain, who she frequently slammed.

Ward is now running for Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat (R-AZ), and agreed that McCain was trying to have a “negative” effect on her by dying.

“I think they wanted to have a particular narrative that was negative to me,” Ward wrote in response to the conspiracy theory.

Then she apparently realized how selfish and ridiculous that made her sound, so she deleted the comment and replaced it with a post about “fake news” pushing a narrative. Wingnuts are always the victim of whatever conspiracy they’ve invented in their heads. “They” are always out to get them, with “they” being vague things like “the press” or “the establishment.” Or if they get specific, it’s the Illuminati or the Rothschilds or George Soros or whatever their boogeyman du jour is.

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