He Likes Me! He Really Likes Me!

He Likes Me! He Really Likes Me! September 7, 2018

While his administration is unraveling around him and he frantically searches for the official who wrote that devastating op-ed piece for the New York Times highlighting the fact that those around him think he’s stupid and dangerous, Trump can at least get his fragile ego boosted by praise from the world’s most totalitarian dictator:

He likes me! He really likes me! Sure, everyone who works for him knows he’s an ignorant crackpot, but a guy who teaches his citizens that he’s a god, starves them to death, shuts them off from the rest of the world and murders his own family members by shooting them with anti-aircraft guns thinks he’s a swell guy. What better endorsement could he have than that? Now if he can just lock down the endorsement of Charles Manson, he’ll be unstoppable!

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