Rand Paul: Use Lie Detectors to Find Out Who Wrote Anonymous Op-Ed

Rand Paul: Use Lie Detectors to Find Out Who Wrote Anonymous Op-Ed September 8, 2018

Rand Paul, the alleged libertarian who has embraced the blatantly authoritarian Donald Trump, says that he should require everyone in his administration to take lie detector tests to find out who wrote that op-ed piece in the New York Times that has caused massive turmoil in the White House.

Reporter: What do you make of this op ed in the NYT…?

Sen. Rand Paul:

I think it’s not unprecedented for people with security clearances to be asked to whether or not they were revealing things against the law under oath and also by lie detector. We use a lie detector test routinely for CIA agents and FBI agents. I think if you have a security clearance in the White House I think it would be acceptable to use a lie detector test and ask people whether they are talking to the media against the policy of the White House. This could be very dangerous if the person who is talking to the media is actually revealing national security secrets so yes, I think we need to get to the bottom of it.

Why stop there? Trump has said repeatedly that he believes that waterboarding is not torture, is perfectly legal and that it works to get the truth out of people. Why not require all White House staff and those in leadership at executive agencies to undergo waterboarding? We can start with Trump himself, of course, because he might have written it himself as part of a false flag operation. And while they’re at it, they can also waterboard his buddy Sean Hannity, who said he would do it on national television but has refused to do so ever since.

And I think waterboarding is a better choice. If they take a lie detector machine into the White House, it’s likely to burst into flames.

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