Wingnut: God Will Punish You for Opposing Trump

Wingnut: God Will Punish You for Opposing Trump September 10, 2018

If anyone still doubts that the Trump phenomenon is little more than a cult of personality, especially among the whackier parts of the Christian right, I give you Chris McDonald who, like many others, has said that Trump was put there by God and that opposition to Trump is opposition to God. Oh, and he’s gonna go medievil on your tushy if you criticize Trump.

“These people do not realize they’re not just coming up against Donald Trump,” McDonald said. “Donald Trump was God’s plan for America and people that get in the way of that plan need to realize that it’s not the man they’re getting in the face of and the train of, they’re getting in the way of God himself. I would stake my life on that claim right now, because I’ve watched too many things go on in these last 18 months of this man’s presidency that lets me know that God is directing him.”

“The leadership part of him is God-driven and God-anointed and we had better respect that or we’re going to face consequences in this country that we don’t want to face,” he added. “A lot of his detractors, a lot of people that have been the most harshest coming up against him are either in jail or they’re dead and I’ll just leave it at that. And they need to realize that this is not by mistake, that God is protecting this president.”

Yeah, well, I think I’ll take my chances. I’ve been told that God is going to punish me for a thousand different things. There’s just one problem: I exist. God doesn’t. Which works out well for me, don’t you think?

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