I Don’t Know How Sanders Keeps a Straight Face

I Don’t Know How Sanders Keeps a Straight Face September 11, 2018

The job of a professional liar like Sarah Huckabee Sanders is to look right at you, right into a camera, and say the most dishonest and ridiculous things with a completely straight face, then feign indignation if anyone dares to laugh at you or question you. Sanders has this down to an art form while saying things like this:

At Monday’s White House briefing, Sanders was asked by ABC’s Jonathan Karl about Trump’s assertion that the Justice Department should not prosecute Republican candidates during an election year.

“The president thinks no one is above the law,” Sanders said. “What he would like to see is a fair playing field, that there also be — there have been a number of concerns raised about individuals both in the FBI and the Department of Justice that have been ignored and we would like to see those looked at as well.”

How anyone could claim that Trump thinks no one is above the law when the evidence clearly, undeniably says otherwise is a mystery to me. She said this while Trump is simultaneously claiming that he can refuse to comply with a subpoena to testify before a grand jury as part of a criminal investigation, something no other American could ever have the right to do. She said this after he has pardoned several of his own supporters and associates without even bothering to go through the long-established process for evaluating their application for a pardon. The only thing that matters to him is that they supported him and that makes them above the law in his view.

She said this even while he demands that the DOJ launch investigations into his critics and political enemies, even when they’ve already done multiple investigations and exonerated the people involved. She said this even while he demands that the DOJ not bring charges against Republicans because that hurts the party politically. If there is one thing we know beyond a shadow of any hypothetical doubt, it’s that Trump believes that he and anyone who supports him is above the law.

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